Why Boot Camp Workouts Are The Best Fat Loss Workouts Ever

Boot Camps have steadily gained in popularity over the years for the simple reason that their workouts are well-structured and reportedly burn more calories than all other forms of physical exercises like running, aerobics, jogging, biking, etc. Boot camp workouts are unique as they entail constant switching over to a variety of positions and working each muscle with bodyweight exercises. 

Boot camp workouts are quite different from traditional workouts and a lot more demanding. They stress the upper and lower body muscles as also the abdomen giving a complete workout leading to a super-fast fat loss. It may be worthwhile to understand how most of the boot camp workouts are structured and what makes them the best fat loss workouts ever:

  1. The first step is performing a quick fitness assessment to ascertain where your health condition will accept the workouts and rigorous physical exercises or any modifications may be required.
  2. Initially fix specific short-term fitness goals, measurable in 4-6 weeks that you can accomplish with relative ease. The idea of having short-term goals is it makes it easier to stay focused without undue exertion.
  3. Start off with the ten standard boot camp exercises that are recognized as the basic foundation of all boot camp workouts. Once you are able to perform these ten basic exercises comfortably then it is the green signal for progressing to the more challenging boot camp workouts that burn fat rapidly.
  4. Begin with a total body warm-up and a series of multi-muscle exercises to specifically condition the muscles, bones, and joints. This is followed by strength exercises that are done even before the muscles are overworked or fatigued. After the strength exercises come to the circuits focusing on more difficult exercises. click for more info on some of the easiest and effective warm-up exercises that you can start up with.
  5. Orient all your physical exercises to suit your fitness level and gradually scale your boot camp workout. This is necessary to ensure you work out at the highest intensity to the extent your body can handle without undue discomfort or getting injured.
  6. Exercises like squats, pushups, and planks are great for a start but lose their effectiveness quickly and must be progressed creatively in order to achieve meaningful fat loss results. Structured fitness boot camp classes have a variety of exercises and can be run at different paces for all levels of fitness.
  7. It is good to combine bodyweight exercises with proper fitness gear avoiding however unwanted equipment and useless gadgets. Boot camp fitness is about getting results with effective exercises and affordable fitness gear that challenges every muscle in the body.
  8. It is recommended to use a Gymboss Interval Timer to monitor the timing of all your exercises. Most boot camp workouts heavily rely on planned intervals that range from 20 seconds to 60 seconds and timed rest periods that range from 10 seconds to 30 seconds.
  9. Adhere to one set of boot camp workouts for at least four weeks but make sure to gradually progress your exercises as you increase your fitness levels. You should be more concerned about the progress and less about end goals.
  10. Remember you did not gain all your fat and excess weight overnight and you cannot, therefore, expect to shed it overnight. If you focus on doing your optimum at each workout you will see changes much faster.
  11. A balanced diet holds the key to quick fat loss as you obviously can not eat as you wish and expect to burn off thousands of calories. You must strictly follow the diet plan prescribed at the boot camp.

The secret to a healthy and fit body also includes involving ourselves in boot camp workouts or boot camp vacations that help in keeping us in good shape. The boot camp fitness program varies from individual to individual and helps in attaining the target.