How Private Proxies Protect You From Malware And Other Threats?

Only a few people are aware that when you connect with any person or load a website, your connection allows a person or site to know your ‘address.’ People are generally shocked by knowing this fact and feel unsecured with their information.

It is advisable to adopt a proxy server for privacy concerns and cyber security. These servers help in keeping your data or information safe. In order to know its uses check this link right here now and know what exactly proxy servers are and how it works.

What is a proxy server?   

Proxy server acts as a bridge between the internet and a user. When you directly connect to any website, your address is shown to the website, so to avoid such things, proxy servers are introduced. The server connects to the website on your behalf, which further ensures your information’s complete safety and security. For using a proxy server, instead of connecting to a website directly, you must connect to this server to communicate with the website.

At first, when you use a proxy server, it connects to say proxy. After this, the proxy will transfer the traffic to the website you want to connect to. So, a proxy server is also known as a “forward proxy.”

As we have discussed earlier, that proxy server acts as a mediator between the user and the website, so it also receives traffic from the website, which it further passes to the user. In this way, the website and user can connect to each other without any risk of hacking.

What other things do proxy servers do?

In order to provide complete security, privacy and a good browsing experience to the user, there are plenty of things that a proxy server does, so to know its uses check this link right here now:


While browsing on the web, there is a various threat that comes your way. A firewall is a security system designed to provide complete protection to the users against these threats. It protects you from malware and blocks unwanted access to your system. Proxy servers are like hosts of these firewalls, so before any traffic reaches your network, it ensures its legitimacy.


Caching helps in knowing the list of websites you have visited. It makes the process quicker and easier. Proxy servers cache websites on your behalf to reduce any delay.


While working on the web, everyone wants safety and security. Proxy servers keep you far away from hackers by changing your IP address. A proxy server makes a bridge between a user and the network and doesn’t allow any hacker to access your information through any network. Changing the user’s IP address makes it difficult for hackers to locate your address.

Filtering content

Proxy servers are also used in filtering content, which means it blocks the outgoing traffic to some unsafe and undesirable websites. Therefore, many smart users generally use proxy servers to keep themselves on the safe side.

These are some of the advantages offered by the proxy server. Before loading a website or connecting to a server, it is advisable to check this link right here now as it protects you from malware and other threats.